Too much tradition in the research landscape?

Have you ever taken a survey recently, or maybe several surveys? If so you might have wondered about several things. And maybe those things are exactly those things that bother me about surveys. One could have, of course, something against surveys altogether, but they remain a powerful research tool, that is one thing that’s for sure. Even though I’m personally calling for a broader way of doing research, I don’t think we should abandon it.

I do think we should look more into some of the things that come to mind when you look at a survey. These things are often related to a certain tradition that lies in doing survey based research and indeed in a sort of tradition that is created per tracker survey as well. Not changing things for tradition’s sake, is one of the worst things a researcher could do and still this seems to happen all too often. Survey methodology in general is one thing, but a lot of me wondering about survey research is the lack of changes, of innovation.

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A blessing and a curse…

gyurka_smallI’m not going to say “someone had to do it” because I’m not really sure, but the fact is that Levi has made a fanpage for me, on Facebook. So I guess this might be my first bit of fame. If you really like me, or just my handle ThE_ED, you can become a fan of me here… And no, I’m not a fan of myself yet.

In the meantime 2009 is coming to an end and so we find ourselves looking back and making lists about just about anything. The überlist of course is twitter, that itself has lists and I ‘ve even spotted a website listing twitterlists. Jeroen Mirck has compiled the Dutch “Twitter Top-40” of 2009 (Dutch Article) and new on the 8th spot is me! Women seem to be taking over the heavy tweepslist, so I should perhaps make up an excuse already for next year as to why I’ve dropped so many places.

Blocked from Twitter Search?

twitblockA couple of months ago I noticed something strange; some of my tweets didn’t always show up in the twitter search. Quite soon it appeared that my hashtags were either not indexed or were omitted from the search functionality. Whenever I would click a hashtag to find it’s latest connected tweets I would never see any of my tweets. At first I thought that this might be some smart thing on the side of Twitter, where it would omit your own tweets from any search you would do. This didn’t turn out to be the case, however as it also happened when using a different system where I wasn’t logged in. I didn’t think too much of it, keeping in mind more search troubles with twitter that had been reported earlier this year.  The fact that this also keeps me from being included in backchannels made me think after a while and I searched a bit more.
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The end of SEO

end_of_seoWell, of course the end of Search Engine Optimization is not near in a broad sense, but we could be well up for some “SEO, but not as we know it”, quite soon. Despite it being fairly successful, especially in recent times, I’ve always been skeptical about “pure SEO”. That is, SEO for just the purpose of doing SEO, optimizing your website just to look good in search engines. I’m not denying the value of good SEO, after all you want your nice articles and information to be found, but that is the point; nice information! All too often optimization tactics are used as a way of promoting content that is of little value as much as possible. In general I would say this applies to advertisements and advertorials, the value of this could be disputed, but way too often I’ve seen excellent SEO trying to drag me to a site with content that was just promotional and of no (other) value to me.
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Research on Social Media; is anyone doing it yet?

Table with Research DataText-analytics on data present on the internet, in a way a sort of quantitative way of doing research that is traditionally qualitative seems to hold a lot in store for research. But despite the fact that this is actually one of my personal favorites for the future of Market Research, little seems to really take off. Sure there are talks about doing research on twitter, but very few real efforts have been made or at least way less than one would maybe expect. For now most of marketing efforts seem to regard online communities as just another advertising space, but things slowly start to change.

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Is Google Internet Stats a peek at the near future of the Web?

gstatsIs Google Internet Stats a peek at the near future of the Web?
Yes, Google Internet Stats has been live for quite some time, albeit only in the domain. However, due to some recent discussions I had with people about the future of presenting information on the web I think it might be useful to have a look at this website anyway. Moreover, this seems to be a good moment to look at this, now attention for Google’s bigger new toy, Wave, is fading. This is because the way that this site is presenting the information might just be part of the next step in publishing, blogging or whatever it is you do on the web.

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Waar Google Internet Stats voor staat

Eerlijk gezegd had ik al een tijd terug gewerkt aan een artikel over Google Internet Stats, dat niet direct goed uit de verf kwam. Het lijkt me mooi er toch nog even op terug te kijken, vanwege de trend die door deze dienst zichtbaar gemaakt wordt. Natuurlijk wordt het ondertussen langzaam ondergesneeuwd door de hype van Wave, hoewel juist die Google dienst steeds meer mensen teleur lijkt te stellen, maar een tijd geleden lanceerde Google nog een nieuwe tool.  De lancering ging dan ook nog eens min of meer stilzwijgend, en alleen binnen het domein, maar het biedt toch interessante inzichten, niet in de laatste plaats in de ideeën van Google zelf. “Waar Google Internet Stats voor staat” verder lezen

Presentations on Slideshare

For my and your convenience I have been working on my Social Media Success model. People have been asking if it wasn’t true that you could also use this to analyze branding on the internet, personal branding in particular. I’ve made two short presentations, also showing how the model appreciates the characteristics of online (personal) branding. The presentation of the model comes in two flavors;  a “presentation” flavor for use with a bigger audience and I’ve made a simpler version with more text as well as a handout flavor.

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