The Hyperlogue plays with time and context and creates Social Media

What it is that makes ‘Social Media’ so ‘social’ is a question that, by now, has been asked many times. This is a very important question, that even though it has been posed several times, hardly gets the attention it deserves. When people say they act in the realm of something like ‘Social Media’ it […]

Mobile Research and the ‘Customer Journey’

The two days of the ‘Market Research in the Mobile World‘ (MRMW) congress – that took place on 18 and 19 April – were filled to the brim with several international experts in the field of (mobile) research sharing their knowledge and insights. Literally from America to Australia and India, researchers have come to show […]

‘Social, Local and Mobile’ Will Take Over the World: #MRMW

“Taking over the world” might sound overly dramatic, but actually it’s not that far-fetched when you really think about it. Considering the enormous development that ‘social’ has been going through doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to think that technology will really move into this direction. Combine that with the fact that some countries […]

Kevin Kelly: What Technology Wants

Social Media Club Rotterdam invited me to take part in a Google “Hangout” session with Kevin Kelly to discuss “What Technology Wants”.  “What Technology Wants” is not only an interesting thing to ask oneself, but also the title of the book by Kevin Kelly that has just been released in Dutch. If you pay close […]

The Foursquare Playground maps your neighbourhood

To promote the launch of IE9 at SXSW, design company Vectorform has built a neat way to visualize Foursquare checkins. In their ‘world’ called Foursquare Playground, you find yourself surrounded by the nearest venues, which enables to to get an overview of what happens around you. With different animations for each type of venue, this […]

Real-time mobile surveys

I’ve been discussing the possibilities for location based surveys already. As especially reviews are tied to a certain place it’s only natural to at least offer surveys with a location component. The new company Qriously is now offering such a thing: short location based surveys. With this offer they hope to set up a new […]