Gamechanger was a real game changer

I had this excellent post by Tim Phillips on Research-Live bookmarked for quite some time, and actually there is not too much that I can add to it. His notion that 'game changing' has been rapidly on the rise was something that I noticed as well. I hope he doesn't want to slap me for the title I'm using for this article (must be really good SEO for me) but I was reminded about his article when I was using Google trends to review some hype words.

Attorney General going wrong with Google Translate

The Dutch Attorney Geneneral made a huge mistake in a case involving a Russian Suspect. During a case involving a pub-brawl the Russian didn't turn up, but the Judge decided he wasn't to blame for this. The translator, who did turn up, couldn't make sense of the summons that seemed to point out that the court would be closed on the 3rd of August. The documents making up the case were translated in a way that it could easily mean pieces of cheese instead. It turned out that the non-Russian speaking Attorney General didn't bother to get all the documents translated, but used Google Translate instead. (link in Dutch) As the suspect can now not be prosecuted for this case, it seems like this would be the perfect example of a case that points out that you need to choose the proper tools in order to perform a task. Or maybe just that ones expectations about technological advancement are not always met. CC-Photo: User:Avjoska

Again: Google and site perfomance

Nothing new, walk along! Because you should have noticed already that Google announced as early as April this year that they will start ranking your websites based on the site speed as well. If you think you’ve heard this one before: I’ve written about this before on my blog. This means you’re probably already aware of the fact that Google is trying to adjust it’s search more and more to the ideal of relevance and speed. Google’s mantra will be ‘Make the web faster’ this year and to ensure you’re helping as well they’ve published a blog post in May about some helpful tools you can use. One of the tools to determine your site speed, and thus if this will help your ranking, is Google Page Speed, which you can find here. [cb]google[/cb]

Google: site speed matters!

Nothing new here, but worth to note anyway; the new ranking system Google has started to use earlier this month. I wrote about SEO earlier and have been talking about it quite a lot, it still seems to be the hottest thing on web promotion. Not saying a good ranking is not important, but that is actually exactly the point why SEO sometimes bothers me:  the ranking has to mean something to the end user, not to the site owner.

Is Google Internet Stats a peek at the near future of the Web?

Is Google Internet Stats a peek at the near future of the Web? Yes, Google Internet Stats has been live for quite some time, albeit only in the domain. However, due to some recent discussions I had with people about the future of presenting information on the web I think it might be useful to have a look at this website anyway. Moreover, this seems to be a good moment to look at this, now attention for Google’s bigger new toy, Wave, is fading. This is because the way that this site is presenting the information might just be part of the next step in publishing, blogging or whatever it is you do on the web.

Waar Google Internet Stats voor staat

Eerlijk gezegd had ik al een tijd terug gewerkt aan een artikel over Google Internet Stats, dat niet direct goed uit de verf kwam. Het lijkt me mooi er toch nog even op terug te kijken, vanwege de trend die door deze dienst zichtbaar gemaakt wordt. Natuurlijk wordt het ondertussen langzaam ondergesneeuwd door de hype van Wave, hoewel juist die Google dienst steeds meer mensen teleur lijkt te stellen, maar een tijd geleden lanceerde Google nog een nieuwe tool.  De lancering ging dan ook nog eens min of meer stilzwijgend, en alleen binnen het domein, maar het biedt toch interessante inzichten, niet in de laatste plaats in de ideeën van Google zelf.