The visualisation of people checking in

With this short article I don’t mean to tell you what you can do with location applications like Foursquare or Gowalla, I’d like to show you that there is really something going on. Whether you ‘believe’ in services like these or not, the fact remains that these services are growing and generating data. But what is that data, how can we grasp the fact that people seem to be moving around and registering their movement? The obvious solution lies in visualisation, so this is exactly what I’d like to show you.

What is Social Media research?

On Research-Live Annelies Verhaeghe of InSites Consulting is explaining some of the difficulties that come with doing ‘social media research’. First and foremost notion is that when you’re entering such a new territory is to ask yourself certain questions, the first one being ‘what is really new about this?’. It is important to note that there are actually a lot of similarities to traditional research in this case.

A safe user experience on public WiFi?

Maybe just because it does work pretty well, you’re seeing it more and more often: public WiFi, usually free as well. I’m not even talking about people sharing their network, but about stores and offices offering some sort of public access. And yes: it does work pretty good; no cables, no dongles or other ‘mobile solutions’ are necessary to use the internet when you’re outdoors, this way. It even works so well that we’re usually forgetting about the security issues that come up when using a Wireless LAN. Time for a more structured and standardized approach for offering this type of access?

Social Media Club Rotterdam van start

Afgelopen dinsdagavond was het zo ver: ook Rotterdam kreeg haar Social Media Club. Door omstandigheden met enige vertraging kon Rotterdam zich nu ook aansluiten bij de lijst met steden in Nederland die een SMC hebben. Amsterdam heeft er al een en in Nijmegen is binnenkort de eerste bijeenkomst van dit mondiale fenomeen. Als opener kon de organisatie Mark Earls, schrijver van het boek ‘the Herd’ in huis halen, om een presentatie te geven van zijn inzichten in onder meer waarom Sociale Media ‘werkt’.

A radio column, by me

I'm excited to tell you that already twice this month I've been on Dutch Radio 1 with a column about news, tips and tricks on the internet. New Dutch broadcasting organization PowNed has invited me to make a column for the weekly late-night radio-show 'Echte Jannen'.

Promoted tweets: super effective!

If you wondered about promoted tweets and how well they fare: they're super effective. Or so says online brokerage firm Zecco. In comparison with tweets posted on their normal account they're seeing an increase in engagement of 50%. some specific tweets even saw a much larger increase in engagement, up to 300% more.

Mobile survey based research takes off?

It seems like the holy grail of online Market Research, something that must be really great, but no one can fully grasp, yet. One we really get it, it might not be there any more though and of course I’m talking about ‘Mobile Research’. This doesn’t mean one shouldn’t pursue this way of doing research though, because implementing this way of doing research can partly change the way we’re doing online research as a whole. There are a few challenges when trying to set up something like this of course, but there is much to gain as well. In a time where we find it ever more difficult to find new respondents on the one hand and keep them on the other hand a serious involvement in mobile research might help quite a bit. Not in the last place because developing a mobile survey platform would finally solve some other issues we’re having as well.